motorway flowers
T- sec to lift off

precontation said: *cccdjrufjurdf dude wtf im crying i miss you a lot blehdhdhdh

what no im sorry don’t cry ogm!! don’t cry or ill cry then well all be crying


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


DUDE okay get ready ima get mushy to the max here ok

not gonna lie I still miss u so much and I think about ya loads!! I have so many awesome memories w u like jamming in physics when miss braces lady failed 2 teach us and hanging out in the coffee place even tho we never bought anything from there or like sleepovers at ur house when we stayed up until like 7am watching paramore dvds omg and I remember the last bus ride before u left listening to owl city :—-((((((((((((

BUT youre so awesome always and were gonna meet again some day I will make sure of it gahhhhhhhhhhh ilu !!


ok so i got tagged by this egg to the selfie thing so:

1 is my fav jumper ever and my hair looks fly as hell
2 is one of my fav shirts ok gay space jesus for life
3 my other fav shirt its got a sick pun that u cant read through my hair
4 i look hot as fuck in this idk what to add and its also my current hair state
5 black and white for variety possibly
6 i look silly but hey look at merlin

if ur reading this and u havent done the selfie thiNG THEN I TAG U


aight i been tagged in one of those 6 selfies thing by my homie jess podling

1. me bein mirai kuriyama

2. me bein mirai  with cabbage @ mcm

3. me bein mirai with alex also @ mcm

4. me bein flower princess

5. me bein weeaboo egg back when i actually had nice hair

uh idk how many ppl i have to tag i guess 6 i dont even have 6 friends i tag

swagtron4000 stilesandhisbat mrnekokun istalkeddougiepoynter mekakuushidan moemeidoneko


an erotic poem:

eg so hot

hot hot egg

egg so hot u fry a leg


@danedehaan: #eyebags 4 life”

six selfie mabob as tagged by livingdeadboys !!!

  1. me and a helicopter
  2. me being emo scum
  3. me in the toilet at download
  4. me in cats room
  5. me being flower crown scum
  6. me being fly

I tag lubemeupscotty miasmajesty stumpedpatrick invisilesbo theesmellofpetrichor d3adforaday uwu


yay the 6 favourite selfie thing!! tagged by zombieboys uwu

  • 1 is a lame selfie i took at my mum’s house
  • 2  is my when i had my long hair and it’s my fav selfie of me with long hair, it was taken when i was on a walk with my cutie
  • 3 is a selfie at my bby’s and it’s in my thank you for the venom tshirt sobs
  • 4 was taken just after my hair cut and my selfie game was super strong that day
  • 5 is in my new killstar sweater and i love it so much
  • 6 is with jason aalon butler who is one of my fav people in the world he’s so sweet

i tag podling and mistercadaverous!!!


dear tumblr staff, thanks for helping me with my email issue i did some scourge while i waited…

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